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De beste kunstvagina’s

Bent u op zoek naar de perfecte kunstkut? De beste kunstvagina’s vindt je op deze pagina.


Japanese Fake Virgin Pussy

puni-onaholePuni Virgin Onahole ($87)
Japan makes the best cheap quality fake pussy masturbators in the world. This is a premium life-like ‘virgin’ style pussy that looks and feels just like the real thing, yet costs only $89 with minimal shipping costs direct from Japan to anywhere in the world. Although simple looking on the outside, the virgin love tunnel of this beautiful sex toy is intricately shaped and ribbed to provide a quite exquisate sensation against your penis.

Lifelike Elle Pocket Pussy

elle-pocket-pussyElle Pocket Pussy ($19)

Incredibly realistic pocket pussy from expert sex toy manufacturers and selers LoveHoney.  Only $19 for a delicious little love tunnel that

Pipedream Glow-In-The-Dark Pussy Toy

ladies-of-the-nightLadies of the Night ($25)

Glow in the dark realistic handheld masturbator from Pipedream.

This is your own little whore that you can use and abuse as the fancy takes you.  She won’t say no – she can’t say no.  But she sure makes you feel good when you have your penis deep inside her tight hole!


Penthouse Stroker Sophia

penthouse sophiaPenthouse Stroker Sophia ($29)

A realistic fake pussy modelled on the best bit of popular Penthouse Pet Sophia Santi.

Incredibly life-lik pussy lips that are easy to enter and even better to stroke in and out of!  Beautiful inner sleeve feels as good as the real thing – squeeze the sides for a tighter feel!

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Pussy

dirty twatPipedream Dirty Twat ($21)

We all secretly long to explode our cum into a dirty pussy every now and again, and with this extreme realistic dirty twat toy from Pipedream, you can do just that whenever you want to.

A lifelike masturbation sleeve that would look appropriate on a real horny dirty slut, this stretchy little pussy is yours to fuck and abuse time and time again for just $21.

Devon’s Private Pleasures Pussy

devons private pleasuresDevon’s Private Pleasures ($21)

Made from a new type of realistic skin material – ‘Soft Touch’ – this fake pocket pussy, modelled on the real vagina of a pornstar, has quickly become one of the most popular cheap masturbators in the world.

For just over $20, this is an insanely realistic fake pussy.  Look at the detail on those sweet pussy lips, inviting you in to 6 inch deliciously ribbed love tunnel!

Devon’s Private Pleasures even has a sweet anus for you to enjoy!

Pussy Palm Pal

palm palPussy Palm Pal ($9.77)

One of the most popular pocket fake pussy toys, the Pussy Palm Pal is exactly what its title says – a simple and effective pocket pussy that fits into the palm of your hand and which is convenient for taking around with you on your travels.

Its length and shape also make it comfortable to grip and to stroke along the length of your cock.

For the price a very realistic fake pussy that is especially good as a travel companion.

Substitute Fauxskin Fake Pussy

FauxskinFauxskin Pussy Substitute ($63)

Incredibly realistic ‘fauxskin’ material makes this one of the most true to life fake pussy toys out there.  Just about everything here is true to life, from the complexion of the skin, to the beautiful details of the pussy lips, to the ribbed interior canal of the masturbator.

The Substitute Fauxskin fake pussy also has an inviting anal opening that demands to be fingered and fucked.